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My chemist recommended Sleepy Time instead of filling out a prescription for sleeping pills.

I had been having trouble sleeping for months. Now I sleep very well and I cannot praise this herbal blend enough

It REALLY works and I am so grateful for not having to go down the path of prescription medication.


Thanks love your soul tea its life saver.

Gaylene of Currumbin, QLD

Hello Cynthia, my girls and I love your beautiful blends of tea. Your tea is the first thing my 7 year old asks for when she gets up in the mornings. Thanks

From Jess of Jimboomba QLD.

Dear Cynthia,

Thank you for my beautiful tea. The peppermint tea is the best I’ve ever tasted!

Kind regards,

Manny. 30/01/2019

Hi there!

My name is Danielle Cooker I purchased your organic sage tea a few years ago now and wanted to share a story. My partner had just arrived on a flight from California with a bad tooth infection which became inflamed and very painful post flight. So painful he was bed ridden. We purchased the sage tea and he drank 2-3 cups per day and by the 2nd day his pain and inflammation was completely gone! I’m so happy I kept the package and now have your website. Just thought you might appreciate the feed back and wanted to send a big thanks for what you do!!

- Danielle and Kris 1/02/2019